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Hey You Guys!!! Lego Dimensions Wave 8 is Coming in May

What sets Lego Dimensions apart from the other Toys-to-Life games is two-fold.  The first is that when the game inevitably runs its course, you have actual Lego pieces that you can play with, rather than a collection of statuesque figures adorning your mantle.  The second is that it embraces a wide-array of properties that range from 80s action and adventure to modern-day cartoony fun.

While the latter will be represented heavily when the next wave hits in time for the Lego Batman movie, the former will represent on May 9th when Sloth swings in with an all new level pack that takes you through the world of The Goonies!


This is a game that has already given us ET, the A-Team, The Simpsons, Knight Rider, and now…the mother-flipping Goonies!!!!  Just give me a MacGyver play set and my childhood will be complete.

Sloth comes along with One-Eyed Willie’s pirate ship, presumably a vehicle you can ride in-game, as well as the bone organ that Andy has to play in order to open the subterranean path to treasure:

Sloth doesn’t arrive on his lonesome, either.  This time around, he’ll be accompanied by Chase McCain, whose game, Lego City Undercover, is not-so-coincidentally getting a remaster for modern systems, including the Switch in the near future.  The game is Grand Theft Auto lite for kids, which means it was awesome and packed with that Lego humor that’s made those games so enduring.  His minifig comes with a helicopter.


And finally joining the game is everyone’s favorite know-it-all witch, who will be more popular than ever with Emma Watson debuting as Belle in the new Beauty and the Beast this Spring.  You’ve guessed it: Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.  Complete with Buckbeak, the Hippogriff, which is an awesome looking build.



Still to come from Lego, thought surely to be released this summer, are figures from Beetlejuice, The Powerpuff Girls, and Teen Titans Go!

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